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Integrative Healing & Self-discovery



Root offers individualized 1:1 healing services such as Reiki, Sound Healing, Guided Meditation and Music Therapy. 


Additionally, Root hosts Reiki certification trainings, healing workshops and a variety of customizable wellness retreats. 

For healthcare workers, Music Therapists and caregivers, Root offers continuing education courses, customized workshops, retreats and clinical supervision specialized in building resilience against compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and burnout.  

At Root we believe in the necessity of radical self-care. We believe that healing involves nurturing the body, mind and spirit. We believe in aligning our lifestyles to honor and synchronize with the cycles of nature.

Root treasures the power of sound, music, energy, plant medicine, meditation, ancient wisdom and spirit as integral components to the healing and self-discovery journey. Our guiding principle is to nourish the ROOT of our wellness by identifying imbalance and energetic blockages and nourishing balance.

Our care is inclusive, compassionate, accessible, community-centered, personalized and trauma-informed. We hope you join us (whether that be virtually or in person)!

The goal of Root is to transport us to a place of peace, introspection and spiritual epiphany. Our vision is one of limitless creativity and communal collaborative healing.


"Knowing Jenna as a therapist, I can’t help but appreciate how she creates space for profound self-discovery through gently encouraging vulnerability and introspection in a safe and grounded bubble of support. Her facilitation is genuine and never feels scripted, and she has a true gift for somehow providing exactly what you might need in the moment, whether it is through thoughtfully chosen music, deep empathy, or in providing a framework for appreciating the insane beauty and madness of life, and the rhythm of nature."


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